The Collins Foundation Awards $18,000 Grant to Lettuce Grow Garden Foundation

IMG_2420Lettuce Grow Garden Foundation (LGGF) is a non-profit organization that delivers classroom learning and hands-on experience in sustainable gardening at 12 correctional facilities in the state of Oregon. Correctional facilities incorporate the inmates’ harvests into each prison’s own kitchen, providing inmates with access to fresh vegetables. Correctional facilities also donated 20,000 pounds of produce to local food banks in 2013.

The Collins Foundation recently announced that it has awarded an $18,000 grant
over a period of two years to the to LGGF. The grant will support the development, piloting and teaching of two new classes, one in Greenhouse Management and another in Intensive Gardening. It will also support the recruitment and training of additional Lettuce Grow volunteers who will serve at facilities in Eastern, Central, Southern and Western Oregon.

Currently, LGGF offers inmates two gardening classes. One curriculum is supplied by Oregon State University, the other by the Oregon Food Bank. Many inmates have completed both classes and are seeking more advanced instruction. The new Curriculum and Volunteer Expansion Project will increase the educational opportunities and future employment options for adults and juveniles who are incarcerated in Oregon correctional facilities.

For further information, contact Rima Green, LGGF President at:
For information about volunteering, contact Jillian Glasgow, Volunteer Coordinator, at:

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