LGGF Program Updates

slide6_960x400We have 150 inmates as students in the sustainable gardening programs throughout the Oregon Correctional Facility systems this year.  This is one of the largest enrollments to date. Thanks to all our volunteers for helping us make this happen.


Thanks to the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund Grant, Mill Creek Correctional just received two industrial size seed mats with a 4-way thermostat. This is the first delivery of equipment from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund Grant. Needless to say everyone is very excited.


Recently Elaine S. and other volunteers received a 4′ grow light for Hillcrest.  Purchased by Neil Bell, our Marion Co. horticulturist, as a thank-you to the Lettuce Grow Program. After some retro-fitting to ensure that the bulb is tamper-proof, it should be ready… just in time to light the way to a flourishing garden for the summer. SUCH a nice gift!!!

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