Thank you!

Thanks to the all our on-going volunteers working in the many correctional facilities throughout the state that we support!  Without you, we could not deliver sustainable gardening programs to the inmates.

Lettuce Grow Garden Foundation

Lettuce Grow Garden Foundation began with one correctional facility garden in 2008.  This year we are working in 12 of the 13 Oregon correctional facilities. We have recruited steady and experienced volunteers, and have slowly worked to establish our sustainable gardening program for inmates. This both improves the gardens,  generates food bank donations, and gives inmates a credential for job search when they are released.

Our Mission

Lettuce Grow brings gardening education to correctional facilities in the State of Oregon. Our volunteers and guest speakers educate inmates on sustainability gardening and horticulture topics. We provide classroom learning and hands-on experience in the garden. We encourage prisons to incorporate their harvests in their own kitchens and support donations to local food banks.  We are passionate about the positive power of education and gardening!

Our Newsletter

Our newsletter is available for download. Click here for the most recent edition!